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We love learning at Onepoto School! Please report absences on (09) 480 7469 or via the KiwiSchools App


Preparing my child for School

The first day is a BIG DAY for our youngest students who are starting school. For older students who are transitioning from other schools, they will feel different emotions of happiness, excitement and nervousness. Our staff and students will welcome your child and look after them in our school as they become part of the Onepoto School whanau. All children from Year 1 to Year 6 are welcome to enrol.

NEARLY 5 – Enrolments

  • We invite parents to enrol their child/ren when they turn four. Transition visits can be booked at the office.
  • Once enrolled, you will be able to keep up to date with what’s happening at our school through our e-mailed newsletters, website and school app.
  • Early enrolment will also help us to monitor class growth and staffing, throughout the year.

New Students from other schools

  • For older students enrolling from another school, transition visits are often not needed, but can be arranged on request.
  • A copy of your last school report and/or other school information would be helpful.


We are not signatories to the Code for International Students. We will be applying for this in the near future.

What’s Next?

Fill in the Enrolment Form

  • Fill in the online Enrolment Form or pop into the school office to pick up an Enrolment Pack.
  • You will need to complete the Enrolment Form and return it with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport.  
  • If your child is a migrant and was not born in New Zealand, we require both your child’s birth certificate and passport. 

What you need to bring to school:

  • Completed Enrolment Form, Birth certificate/passport.
  • For our Five year olds, New Entrants, their Immunisation Certificate is required, and can be obtained from your family doctor.
    We encourage school visits a month prior to the child’s 5th birthday. Parents are required to stay at this time.
  • For older students, a copy of your most recent school report or other school information.
  • For Inzone Enrolments – If you live in the Enrolment Zone, a copy of a bill with proof of your address.


  • Our Office Manager, will take good care of your enrolment enquiries. 
  • Book a time for school visits and Enrolment Interview with the Principal.
  • Alternatively, you are welcome to email us at



School Visits will vary for each child. While we encourage 2 visits, we know that some students may may need more visits before they start school, and we deal with this on a case by case basis. We also encourage students to visit with their early childhood centre,  as the child’s parent can also attend. School visits can be booked with the Office Manager on enrolment and for our 4 and 1/2 year olds, 1 month prior to starting school.


Online Enrolment

Enrolment Zone

Effective from (Term 2, 2021)

The guidelines for development and operation of enrolment schemes are issued under section 11G (3) of the Education Act 1989 for the purpose of describing the basis on which the Secretary’s powers in relation to enrolment schemes will be exercised.

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the attached map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Starting at the intersection of Northcote Road (excluded) and Akoranga Drive, travel southeast along Akoranga Drive (odd addresses included and even addresses 24 and above only included) to Kitewao Street. Travel east along Kitewao Street (both sides included; Tahinga Street included; Raupapa Street included) to the Northern Motorway (SH 1). Travel southeast along the Northern Motorway (SH 1) to the back of Exmouth Road. Travel northwest along Exmouth Road (even addresses 114 and below only included; Mcbreen Avenue excluded) to Raleigh Road. Travel northwest along Raleigh Road (excluded) to Ocean View Road. Travel northeast along Ocean View Road (even addresses 120 and below only included; Martin Crescent included, Potter Avenue included; Liston Street excluded, Lenihan Street excluded) to the intersection of Lake Road (even addresses 110 and above only included and odd addresses 105 and above only included) and Northcote Road. Travel northeast along Northcote Road (excluded) back to the starting point.

All residential addresses on included sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

Special Programmes

This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a Special programme approved by the Secretary.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

  • First Priority This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary
  • Second Priority will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students.
  • Third Priority will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.
  • Fourth Priority will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school.
  • Fifth Priority will be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school.
  • Sixth Priority will be given to all other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group must be by ballot conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary under Section 11G(1) of the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.


Information and FAQs for Parents
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Applicants seeking second or third priority status may be required to give proof of a sibling relationship. (This sentence is not compulsory. It may be omitted or alternatively a more specific statement may be used in its place)