Why Choose Onepoto School?

Onepoto is a U3 multicultural school situated in Central Northcote. The staff is a highly qualified one who meets the varied needs of our pupils. The Board of Trustees employ extra teachers to ensure class sizes are kept as close as possible to 20 pupils. This ensures high quality learning programmes can occur in all rooms. The staff is an extremely stable one with very few changes made during the past ten years.

The school is very well resourced in all curriculum areas with the latest computers and high speed fibre optic internet available in all classrooms, teaching spaces and the library which has 16 computers for the children.. All classrooms have Hitachi Interactive Data Projectors installed. The school has received outstanding Education Review Office reports for many years.The school was last reviewed in 2009 and received a 4-5 year review. Professional Development is a high priority for staff and all have been involved in 'Assessment to Learn,'  'Extending High Standards Across Schools' and MOE Pilot contracts in Literacy in recent years.



The school has large grounds and playing fields as well as a quality school hall. School sport's teams are involved in Netball. Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Athletics and Cross Country events with other schools.

We hold a large cultural festival for North Shore Schools every November (21st this year). Last year 52 groups performed at the festival with two stages operating throughout the day. Approximately 7,000 people attend the festival annually.


We are the only school on the North Shore with a bike track, a skills track and a pump track. All children are given the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike safely and develop their level of fitness using the school bikes on a regular basis.

Come and see our school at any time - we are sure you will be pleased you did.

Onepoto Primary School
Fraser Avenue
Northcote 0627
North Shore City
Fraser Avenue
PO Box 36 126
Northcote NSC 0748
Phone:+64 (0)9 480 7469
Fax:+64 (0)9 419 2168