Our Staff

Welcome to our new staff lineup for 2018:

Mrs Newth teaching Year 1 students with the support of Mrs Pethybridge.

Pamela Bhika as Deputy Principal teaching year 5 & 6 released one day a week by Adrian Tong;

Armen Valesyan teaching Years 2/3;

Lynda Halcrow teaching our Year3, 4 and 5 pupils.

Jean Linehan is teaching teaching Reading Recovery.  

Maria Konia our office manager.

David Peihopa to his job as caretaker and mentor suppor.t

Stephanie Taniora our librarian as well as her being a  teacher aide with Sala Alona, and Janine Evaroa

 Pam Ryder our Social Worker in Schools (SWIS) caregiver.

Sheila Mouten is our health worker

Strength in our diversity, Kia kaha.




Relieving Principal

Colin Dale


A very warm welcome to each and every one of you who have chosen to be a member of our school community. This special place is rich with cultural traditions that provide a wonderful foundation for quality learning.

I am relieving principal here at Onepoto for the next few months and find myself loving every moment of school life here.

We are revamping our programmes and are now offering some exciting special programmes in reading, hip hop, drumming and a number of sports.

Please come and have a coffee with us and share your whanau story – we are genuinely interested.




Deputy Principal

Pamela Bhika

I have the honour of being the Deputy Principal at Onepoto Primary. 

Over the past years, I have taught various age levels which have included new entrants to Year 6. I am currently teaching a Year 5/6 class. I love teaching at Onepoto and consider myself lucky to be working alongside dedicated teachers and enthusiastic children.

My other interests are my family, cooking, reading and travel.



Maria Konia



Armen Valesyan

I have been teaching at Onepoto since 2007. This is the kind of school where dreams come true. I enjoy helping the children to become more thoughtful and confident in everything they do. In 2018 I am working with Year 2 and 3 students in the Junior Syndicate. I am also the Sports Coordinator.

Apart of teaching I enjoy learning new things, reading people and writing books.


Room 2 Teacher

Lynda Halcrow


Room 7 teacher/Senco

Julie Newth

I have been teaching at Onepoto School for many years now and continue to believe it is a very special little school and I am proud to be able to say I teach here.

I am delighted to be back teaching in Room 7 for another year.

It is wonderful  to see new generations of families that I have taught in the past walk through the door of Room 7.

There  is a true sense of community and it is one of the reasons why I just love being part of Onepoto School.

I am assisting Mr Colin Dale in the role of SENCO for our school which involves working closely with the wonderful teacher aides we have and ensuring that children's individual needs are met.  Working with different agencies to assist with children's learning and behaviour is an important aspect of my SENCO role.

I have a number of interests outside teaching which include reading, keeping fit, cooking, eating and travelling to different countries and places within New Zealand.


Teacher Aide/ Librarian

Stephanie Taniora

I have worked at Onepoto for 7 years and have enjoyed both my roles as Teacher Aide and Librarian. I take pride in my work and I love the "family" atmosphere at this school.  I have one daughter who keeps me very busy.  In my spare time I enjoy reading and catching up with my family.


Teacher Aide

Sala Alona-Evaroa

I have worked at Onepoto for almost five years now as a Teacher Aide assisting children throughout the school. I always try to do my job to the best of my ability.





David Peihopa


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