Safe Walking

On Monday 23rd March Constable Steve Harwood came to Room 2 to talk about being safe on or near the road.

Constable Harwood told us that roads and driveways are dangerous places for children BUT water is the most dangerous place for children.

We learnt that

  • cars have to give way to children when coming out of a driveway.
  • you should cross the road with an adult and the youngest person should be in the middle
  • Pedestrian crossings or zebra crossings are safe places to cross the road.
  • There has been Road patrols at pedestrian crossings since 1931
  • When crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing you need to keep looking in case a car comes round a stopped car.

When walking along the footpath

  • you should stay away from the kerb
  • You should stay away from the gutter
  • You need to listen at sneaky driveways for engine noise and tyre noise
  • And look for car lights (headlights or brake lights)

He also talked about Stranger Danger. He told us

  • To never get in a car with someone we don't know
  • Don't accept gifts or lollies from anyone you don't know
  • If someone tries to take you - Lie down and kick and scream

Stranger  Stranger  Help  Help  Help

We also learnt to call 111 for emergencies and that you can use a cellphone and you do not need to know the passcode as there is a special emergency call button that will let you cal 111

Constable Harwood also showed us all the tools he has to use as a policeman.

  • His voice - his most valuable asset
  • His torch - his most used tool
  • A cutting tool
  • A baton which extends
  • Cuffs
  • Pepper Spray

Constable Harwood sprayed us but only with water.

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