Chinese Tea Ceremony


  On Friday 27th February we went to Northcote Library to watch a Chinese Tea   Ceremony. We learnt how the tea is prepared and how to drink it.

 We all had a taste of two different types of tea and then we did an activity to show what we had learnt.

Honour was really kind to us and gave us a good luck gift of chocolate money in a beautiful red and gold pouch.

If you go to the Northcote Library you can see some of our pictures and the thank you letters we wrote.

 We learnt that you have to appreciate the tea, warm all the cups before you pour the tea. Then pour out  a serving and throw that away. You only drink the second serving. You hold the cup with two fingers and you drink it in three sips. The first is a little sip to see if you like it and to make sure it is not too hot.

To say thank you you tap two fingers (index and middle finger) on the table.

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