Tribal Challenge - Solar Eclipse

Wednesday the 14th of November was a special day in New Zealand, as we were able to see a solar eclipse. We researched what causes an eclipse and also found out how dangerous it is to look directly at the sun, even through sunglasses! So for this week's Tribal Challenge we had to build an apparatus that would allow us to view the eclipse without damaging our eyes. Each tribe was given a different set of instructions to follow to build their apparatus. Marohirohi built a mirrored projector, Rangahau built a projector in a shoe box and Kairakau built a pinhole projector. Each tribe was successful in being able to view the eclipse using their projector, however there had to be a winner. Marohirohi won 200 points for building the best apparatus, and Rangahau were the most co-operative tribe so they were awarded 500 points. 
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